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Automating Spreadsheets and the upkeep of code is not as complicated as you think or have been led to believe!

I have developed a method for you to automate the import of data without YOU using ANY CODE AT ALL!

The best way to demonstrate this is by example!

Overview of Example
  • Importing data usually involves opening a spreadsheet, highlighting the data and then cutting and pasting it to its destination!
  • If this has to be done many times then the task becomes repetative!
  • And liable to errors!
  • Importing Data CAN be reduced to the click of a button!
  • Simply fill in a form containing 4 criteria and you can eliminate errors and save time!
  • The criteria are:
    1. Path to raw data folder!
    2. Start row of raw data!
    3. First Column of raw data!
    4. Last Column of raw data!
  • The Criteria are saved so you only put them in ONCE!
Video and Explanation Document
The video compares the manual process of importing spreadsheets into Excel with the automated method. Please DOWNLOAD or OPEN and print a PDF first then watch the VIDEO!