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We do not offer STANDARD courses!

We simply ask you the question "What do YOU need to learn PERSONALLY?

Any course with us is based around your KNOWLEDGE GAPS!

Who you are!
  • You are NOT an absolute beginner with spreadsheets (if you are go to Beginners)!
  • Either you have a specific topic in your spreadsheet knowledge you wish to improve!
  • Or you have a whole area of spreadsheet knowledge you would like to learn!
  • You have a technical issue you would like to resolve quickly!
  • You wish for a course concentrating solely on these subjects!
  • You may not wish to spend too much time out of the office!
  • You cannot spend too much time developing and wish for a quick solution!
Your solution - let me provide the knowledge!
  • A "Short Course" on Skype dealing with your specific topic or technical issue!
  • A "Longer Course" on Skype dealing with your topic AND wider issues!
  • An "On Site Course" allowing more than one person to access my knowledge!
  • Any combination of the above!
  • A bespoke course designed to suit you!
The Cost (all quoted prices are + VAT)
  • "Short Courses" on Skype are 30 per hour. This is "One to One"!
  • "Single Participant Longer Courses" on Skype are 25 per hour!
  • "Changeable Participant Longer Courses" on Skype are 28 per hour!
  • "Fixed Participant On Site Courses" from 300 per day, max 4 participants!
  • "Changeable Participant On Site Courses" from 400 per day, max 4 participants per hour!
  • Other prices on request!
Travelling costs may be charged for courses held more than one hour's travelling time from the NN8 postcode.