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Spreadsheet Reports are usually done Manually to unrealistic deadlines producing "Adjusted" data which

will frequently not be acted upon for weeks, if at all!

Sorry to shock you, but that is how it is in most organisations!

The Problems
  • Being Produced Manually
    • Frequent updates because of "Late Data" cause delays and accuracy errors!
    • Additions, Deletions etc. to reporting criteria cause delays and accuracy errors!
    • One person responsible for producing a report is a DISASTER waiting to happen!

  • Unrealistic Deadlines
    • The Data may not be fully in causing manual "Adjustments" to be made!
    • Report producers may already have a full schedule!
    • Report recipiants may not be able to deal with them straight away!

  • Not Acted Upon
    • Reports frequently tell you "X" happened but nothing is done to correct it!
    • Automatic Reports predicting errors between report cycles are not built!
    • Nothing is EVER done to identify successful areas and apply whatever they are doing to the unsuccessful ones!
The 3 Step Solution
  • Planning - When reports are first requested. Be realistic!
  • Planning - When reports are designed and built. Circumstances may change!
  • Planning! - After reports are produced. Circumstances may change!
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